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4 important things you need to know about water clean up
Monday, February 6th 2023, 5:00 AM

SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield shares effective water damage cleanup tips

El Paso, United States - February 6, 2023 / SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield /

Water may be extremely beneficial, but it's also quite damaging. Even the smallest quantity of water can cause damage to your property or belongings if not cleaned up properly. But cleaning up water, especially large-scale water damage, isn't just about wiping it with a rag.

Improper cleaning can lead to structural damage since water can soak into the property structures and slowly damage them from the inside. Inefficient cleaning can also lead to mold growth, damaging your property's surface and the air around it.

With this in mind, the team at SERVPRO® of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield, a top-rated water removal and restoration company in East El Paso, TX, has outlined the following essential things to know about water cleanup.

1. The source of the water matters

Not all types of water are the same. Like you can't drink or bathe with any water, you can't just wipe off or pack out any type of water. There are three categories of water damage based on the source; clean water, greywater, and blackwater.

As the name implies, clean water is water from a clean source, like a plumbing pipe. It contains little or no contamination and is easier to deal with.

Greywater is a bit dirtier than clean water. It could be water from washing machines, dishwashers, or showers. Greywater often contains bacteria that can harm your skin, so you'll need to wear protective gear when cleaning it.

On the other hand, blackwater is dirty water from weather-related floods, the sea, sewage backups, and others. This type of water is highly contaminated and is best for experts to clean up. In the case of a sewage backup, they'll need to pack up the water and dispose of it elsewhere.

2. Delays are dangerous

If there's any time this saying is true, it's when dealing with water damage restoration. Delaying the restoration can lead to more damage. For instance, wooden furniture affected by water damage can still be restored after an hour. However, the wood would grow soft if left for too long, making it irreparable.

Another reason to be quick about water damage clean-up is mold. Mold and mildew can form on a water-damaged surface within 24 hours. So, if you delay too long, you'll have to pay for mold removal.

3. Search for hidden moisture

Water is quite tricky and can get into places you wouldn't think of. Your walls may look all dried out but still have water soaked into them. It is why water damage restoration experts like SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield use state-of-the-art tools like moisture detectors to search out areas that still have moisture.

Hence, it is best to work with a water damage restoration company, as you may not have any of these tools.

4. It's best to seek expert help

You don't want to have to handle the laborious task of cleaning and drying out water damage by yourself. Calling a water removal and restoration company as soon as you discover water can help guarantee that the area is cleaned correctly and is suitable for habitation in no time.

A skilled water restoration technician can identify and promptly address problems that frequently lurk below the surface. They know the areas where the water will likely hide and how to get the moisture out of your structures and belongings.

Get professional water damage restoration in East El Paso, TX

SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield is the team to call if you have a water damage situation in East El Paso, TX. Their team of specialists can address any issue involving busted water pipes, damaged sewage lines, or broken sump pumps.

They have the tools and experience to clean up the water and return your space to its pre-loss condition as quickly as possible.

Are you ready to get started? Call SERVPRO of Southeast El Paso/Butterfield at (915) 234-2679 for more information about their restoration services and how they can help you.

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